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sunny 30 °C

My apologies for taking so long between updates -- I had a software clash between Linux and the photograph uploading applet that Travellerspoint uses. In the end, I spent a good 4 hours troubleshooting the problem, after which point, I basically didn't have any desire to spend more time on the internet. Additionally, because of the nature of the program that I'm in, I don't have much to report on a day-to-day basis.

Yesterday, the group went to Dubrovnik to tour the county courthouse and meet a few Croatian judges. There was some discussion about legal comparisons, but mostly, they explained the structure of the court and the way things are changing here in Croatia as they move toward EU integration.

An American Bar Association representative has been here for the last two days. Every seven years, the Bar Association has to review the accreditation of all programs to make sure they comply to required standards. I was the lucky guy to have the Bar Association rep sitting right behind me during class at all times. In other words, I couldn't distract myself with anything. :(

I am consistently amazed by the amount of drinking that goes on in law school. Almost every day, one of my classmates (myself included) has some sort of party and/or a group of people decide to go to the Old Town for some imbibing. I've been party to these activities for the last three days and I think I'm going to put the brakes on for at least a night or two.

On Friday, a group of my classmates and I are going to head up to Split and then out to the island of Hvar. I might update the blog once between now and when we return, but I'm putting much consideration into leaving my computer here in Dubrovnik to make the trip less strenuous in terms of luggage-weight.

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Still no photo uploads....

My camera's fine but I can't install the plugin necessary to upload photographs to this website...

My camera's fine but I can't install the plugin necessary to upload photographs to this website... SORRY GUYS.

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Camera not broken after all


In deciding that I might as well try my camera one more time before breaking down and buying a new one, I was pleased to discover that it still works. So, there's that.

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More weather

torrential downpour? cold temperatures? tornadoes? YES!

all seasons in one day

Weather is NUTS today. I woke up cold (which is weird because of how hot it was over the last couple days) owing to the fact that there was a thick, grey cloud-cover over the area. Over repeated cracks of thunder, I tried to get ahead on my homework. Still, I was quite tired still and couldn't concentrate as much as might be ideal so I gave up after reading about 14 pages and lounged instead.

On my way to breakfast/class, I had to run at full-tilt to avoid getting too water-logged and getting this computer destroyed a la my camera. Thankfully, it's only about 100 meters from my little bungalow to the main building of the hotel where breakfast/class occurs and I arrived unscathed.

Classes were interesting. Generally we covered the history of European integration and the nuts-and-bolts of the various European treaties. I took issue with some of the comments that my professor made regarding the cause of the Greek financial crisis, but I didn't feel that a law-class was the appropriate forum to argue a point of political-economy and history. Still, I might approach her after class tomorrow to engage in some policy discourse.

After class we had lunch. Looking out at the sea, somebody noticed that there were pointy clouds aiming down at the sea. After a while, it became visible that water was swirling around up into the air. Yes! Sea-tornado! What are those called? Not cyclones.... I can't remember....

Just now, the weather mostly cleared and it got hot out again.... No accounting for anything.

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Sudden Thunderstorm = Broken Camera


all seasons in one day 22 °C

So, owing to the nice weather, I didn't think anything of leaving my camera out on the balcony when I went to breakfast this morning (also, owing to the hangover, I didn't think about it). Things progressed pretty smoothly until I looked up and saw a torrential downpour of epic proportions happening outside. Needless to say, my camera was waterlogged and ruined. I guess I'm going to have to buy a new one here in Croatia....

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