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Hungover, but I had a good day yesterday

sunny 30 °C

Lindsay and I couldn't rouse Austin and Justin from their sleep so we ate breakfast as a duo. The spread at the hotel is pretty decent. Definitely better than what I was expecting based upon some of the reviews that I had read. Then again, some people are just sour and cannot be pleased. That said – the coffee sucks. But, what could I expect?

Following breakfast, we set out on a long walk with the goal being the discovery of a supermarket. People kept telling us “it's only 100 meters” or “it's a 10-minute walk” but the reality is that we walked a couple miles and it took 45-minutes. However, had we known where we were going, the walk would have taken 10-minutes... Regardless, it was nice to explore the area and figure out where to buy groceries.

Originally, we had planned to try and visit Lopud Island, but due to the excessive wandering in search of the supermarket and a general lack of motivation to move quickly, we missed the chance to catch a ferry. Instead, the four of us took a bus in to Dubrovnik and walked through the city. It's still as beautiful as ever. I snapped a couple photos from different vantage points than I have done before, but in general I've already taken most of the typical shots of Dubrovnik. I took the opportunity to see the city more from my own eyes rather than with the goal of grabbing photos.

I was pleased (though pleased is perhaps not the correct word) to have a chance to revisit War Photo Limited. War Photo Limited is one of the premier conflict-journalism/war photography galleries on the planet. They always have an exhibit about the breakup of Yugoslavia, including some pictures that are quite horrifying, and then at least one rotating exhibit. Currently they're featuring a Bosnian Muslim photographer's work covering the poverty and desolation of war-torn Muslim countries. So, it was something of a downer, but interesting nonetheless.

The end of the day was taken up by drinking a bottle of plum brandy and a number of beers. We went swimming in the Adriatic at midnight and I fell asleep covered in salt and sand. Today started out rough, due to the hangover, but things are clearing up!

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The first day

In Dubrovnik!

sunny 30 °C

I arrived in Dubrovnik last night after a long day of travel.

After Laura's bosses (magically) let Laura get off on time to give me a ride to the airport yesterday, I had a long day of travel. I started in Seattle, flew to Amsterdam, connected on to London, crossed London, and then took my last flight of the day to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

On board the flight to Amsterdam, I was pleased to note that Delta has begun offering some decent entertainment options for their economy-class passengers. We each got a person video screen and I took the opportunity to watch “Invictus”; “The Young Victoria”; and “Crazy Heart” – three films that I've had a decent appetite for seeing but haven't bothered to see on my own.

The flight to Amsterdam got off the ground about 30 minutes late due to an (apparent) computer/boarding pass problem. As a result, we were late arriving for my London connection. Orbitz had only budgeted me 55-minutes in Amsterdam, which, with the late departure, was whittled down to 25 minutes (and the plane was already boarding when we landed). Thankfully, they got me on a replacement flight soon after and I made the quick trip to London with plenty of time to trek across the city – from London City Airport to central London by light-rail; on foot across the Thames to London Bridge Rail Station; and a train to Gatwick airport. All without incident.

At Gatwick I grabbed a bite to eat. (Thankfully, or not) I found exactly the food that I had set out to find: an English fry-up (eggs/sausage/bacon/beans/mushrooms/tomatoes). I also managed to catch the tail-end of the Germany/Serbia Worldcup match. I was elated to see that Serbia managed to win 1-0 against Germany.

My easyJet flight to Dubrovnik was packed with teens and 20-somethings. The airplane had the atmosphere of a party, at least at times. I was too exhausted at this point to feel terribly excited, but I did enjoy watching the Dalmatian islands slip underneath the plane.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by warm and humid weather and a beautiful sunset. Soon after, I was also greeted by Damir Fak – the Croatia student who was hired to take do administrative tasks for the law program. Because I was arriving early, I had been told that they wouldn't be able to provide a ride. However, three other students arrived on the immediately-next flight after mine, and the program must have decided that it would be worth picking us up.

Damir is a cool guy from what I can tell, but he retired early. The three other students and myself decided to check out the area around our hotel, get some food and a drink or three. In addition to Lindsay Brandon (who I know from the Seattle University law program), I met Austin and Justin (last names unknown at time of writing) who are both from the Florida law program. We ate/drank a bit, I took a shower, and then went to bed after being awake for 31-hours.

I just woke up and I am sitting in my nice little bungalow hotel-room. The water is right beyond my balcony and there's a pleasant breeze. I'm going to get some breakfast.

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Heading back out

Another trip to Europe!

Here I go. Back to Europe for the fifth time since March, 2005. Each time I've gone, I've gone for very different reasons. In 2005, I traveled to Europe in order to research the causes and effects of the wars that tore apart Yugoslavia. In 2006, I returned to Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia because I enjoyed being there so much. In 2007, my mom and I traveled to Spain and Portugal to celebrate her retirement and my graduation from college. In 2009, I heading out with Laura to visit the UK, Sweden and Estonia. After that, I traveled on down to Poland, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Switzerland because I figured I wouldn't have another chance to travel for some time to come.

I was on the verge of starting law school - with all the debt and intense work-load that involves. I wanted to see my friends in Europe before I became too weighed down by work and age to consider backpacking. However, something came up....

This time, I'm heading to Dubrovnik, Croatia in order to participate in some law-school courses! I'm totally stoked! I'm going to be in Dubrovnik from June 18 - July 17. Then I'm heading over to Serbia for a week to stay with my good friend Mateja and his family. After that, I'm going to Timisoara, Romania; Budapest, Hungary; Olomouc, Czech Republic; and Prague, Czech Republic, with a mixture of Mateja and my friend James. Heading home to Seattle on August 7.

The only thing worrying me at the moment is how I'm going to get from Croatia to Serbia. Getting through the Balkans is like running in Jello. It takes far too long to go what are really fairly short distances. Additionally, transport connections are much more sparse than they should be. Likely, I'm going to end up on a bus to Zagreb and then on to Belgrade for about 24 hours. Or via Montenegro for nearly that same period of time. Either way, it's far too long to spend traveling a distance of some 500km.

My entries will be intermittent. Note that I'm going to be in classes. I hope that I'll have cool stuff to report, though.

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